Death Blues Ad Infinitum

Death Blues has been a five year project of Jon Mueller, featuring a wide range of writers, musicians, videographers, and even chefs, whose cumulative work was featured in concerts, documents, videos, and events throughout the U.S.

On June 10, 2015, the final Death Blues event will occur in Spring Green, WI at The Sh*tty Barn.

Tickets are limited and go on sale April 1.

The evening will feature an overview of the project via stories and meditative acoustic and climactic electric versions of music from each of the project’s four albums, presented by Death Blues alums Jon Mueller (Volcano Choir), Marielle Allschwang, (Group of the Altos, Hello Death), Nathaniel Heuer (Group of the Altos, Hello Death), Jim Warchol, and Ken Palme (Group of the Altos), within the secluded Wisconsin countryside where an intimate audience gathers over food, drink, and conversation. It sounds like an ideal way to celebrate the closing of this project. It sounds like an ideal way to celebrate being alive. We hope you can join us.