Ensemble press

Various press for the Death Blues ‘Ensemble’ LP/book:

In a time where album artwork is reduced to a thumbnail and liner notes to a pdf file no one reads, Death Blues’ Ensemble feels vital as a complex experience you touch, live in, and meditate on.” – NPR

Ensemble is a bit shocking: As though performed by a chamber ensemble with time-shares in heaven and hell, these nine tracks move with an ecstatic and creeping unease.” – Pitchfork

a hulking, high-drama sound.” – SPIN

“(Fritch’s) Cello figures ascend like an anti-hero slogging up a holy mountain, and splashes of tonal color spin off the platter like red paint, which flies across the room and transforms a blank wall into the canvas for an action painting of a sunset. Choral vocals and bluesy slide licks simultaneously amplify and belie the loneliness of Mueller’s drumbeats.” – Dusted

“It’s a great production all around: cerebral, emotional and spiritual in nature.” – a closer listen

Ensemble is a whirling dervish of an album, never content to stay in one place, always shifting, always searching.” – Milwaukee Record

Ensemble is the feather in the Death Blues hat, the fully formed masterpiece…” – Anti-Gravity Bunny

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