Non-fiction LP

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**Initial orders on clear vinyl**

SIGE Records, 2014.
Edition of 300 copies – 100 clear vinyl, 200 black.
Letterpress printed jackets, handstamped labels.
Art by Bruce Collin Paulson, design by F. Coloccia.

Track listing:
A: “Are” (17:26)
B: “Do” (16:33)

On this recording:
Jon Mueller, Ken Palme, Jim Warchol

Death Blues is a multi-disiplinary project by Jon Mueller that addresses the inevitability of death as impetus to become fully present in each moment. “Non-fiction” is the third musical installment in the larger Death Blues project, and the first for SIGE Records.

“Non-fiction” opens with a a single and insistent pulse, the foundation upon which two side-long pieces that comprise the album are built. Serving as a thematic anchor, the rhythmic cycles propelling the compositions are the albums lifesblood – ceaselessly active, blossoming in permutated variations through drumkit, various percussion, guitars, and voice. Movements contract and expand, sparsely rendered themes increase in density reaching maximum satura- tion, all are infused with a sense of spirited determination.

“With Death Blues blaring on your speakers at the appropriate volume, Mueller foists his physical presence into your airspace, blanketing you with a litany of dry vocalizations and bruising beats that sketch out a black-and-white still image of a man working himself down into the grave, or working himself up into transcendence.”
-Tiny Mix Tapes